B-Jets Contact Information:

We are at your disposal by phone, as well as through the email, for any questions or inquiries you might have regarding our services.

Phone: +370 699 44443

Email: charter@b-jets.com


Bank account details:

Company code: 300085740
VAT code: LT 1000 0154 7612
Account no. IBAN: LT63 7044 0600 0470 0554
SWIFT: CBVI LT 2X SEB Bankas AB, Vilnius

Address: Rodunios kelias 34, LT-02187, Vilnius International Airport, Lithuania




Waiting period for your requests

The whole process will take from few minutes to few hours for all flights within Europe, while more specific flights that require larger airliners also usually require longer waiting time but not more than 24 hours.

Number of operators available for your request

Normally, the number of available operators will always depend on the conditions of your request, such as the location or the timetable. Here at B-Jets our network reaches over 3000 aircraft. Each operator involved with our services is accredited.

Seeing what you’re paying for

Images of the aircraft will be provided together with each information request

Filtering your request options

Whether you require newer aircraft, or other criteria, filtering data is possible with your request. As always, the information request method simply involves reaching us and waiting a short period of time.

Can I choose between purchasing a seat and the whole aircraft?

B-Jets offers private jets as a whole and purchasing a seat is the equivalent of purchasing the whole aircraft. Take note that costs will slightly vary between countries, depending on their tax regulations for passengers. The tax information is also included in your information packet.

Chartering a private jet does not mean fractional ownership

When chartering a private jet, there is an agreement between the owner of the jet and the party borrowing it; specifying the aircraft is only borrowed for one use.

Chartering a private jet cancels numerous expenses as they are covered by the owning party. The covered expenses include salaries, maintenance, insurances, and aircraft depreciation; excluding fuel and airport fees to be paid by the serviced party.

Relying on a private jet after missing your flight

The time it takes to charter a private jet depends with each situation, though standard waiting times can be as little as half an hour from the time information is requested. All that is required of our customer is to inquire for information.


The cost of chartering a private jet

Costs of any charter depend greatly on the aircraft and the setting of your chartered flight. Prices will vary on an aircraft’s hourly rate, time of flight, airport fees, and the positioning sectors.

Determining the fees is also made possible with our chartered jet calculator which estimates prices for any designated trip. Each price estimate received by our staff is a final calculation of all costs. No additional fees will be applied after final estimation.

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Paying for your chartered flight

B-Jets accepts bank transfers. We also accept credit cards as guarantee.

For further discussion regarding payment, we can be reached at our official phone number

+370 699 44443


Procedure after booking a flight

Upon booking the flight, our staff will confirm aircraft reservation with the flight operator. Once the booking is confirmed, customer need to sign the contract provided, together with passenger list etc.


Upon arriving at the airport

Modern airports are equipped with spacious and separate buildings that cater specifically to private chartered jets. Upon your arrival, checking through security takes a few minutes at most; and if you arrive early, there usually are designated private lobbies to wait for your flight in.

Upon your request, B-Jets may arrange transportation to the airport, where you will be met by the aircraft captain and a representative of the private airport.

Suggested pre-flight arrival

It is our recommendation that the passenger enter the airport 30 minutes before departure time. The time also depends on each airport, while some airports require even lower arrival times before departure.

Document checks traveling with a private jet

Passport checks depends on both the region you’re flying and nationality. While some cases do not require passport verification, it is recommended that each passenger carry their personal passports with them when crossing borders.

Customs and immigration procedures

Each private charter is responsible for strictly following these procedures, and in many cases they can be completed prior to your flight. Smaller airports have a lesser number of Customs and Immigration officials, while larger airports tend to have a designated checkpoint specifically for these checks. Note that Customs and Immigration officials also operate in randomized checks.


Flight time compared to commercial airliners

Normally, the speed of an aircraft depends on its specifications. Private jets speed is more or less like an ordinary airliner. However, flying private is less time consuming due to the procedures before and after the flight, such as check-ins, baggage claims, customs, etc. Shortcuts are also a possibility with private jets as they operate at a different altitude from commercial airliners and are generally easier to maneuver.

Choosing the right aircraft

Every aircraft is right for a unique situation. Factors that decide the aircraft make and model are the distance to destination, number of passengers, runway settings, and budget constraints. Types of aircraft are offered with our services, but you may request specific aircraft information at any given time.

The safety of a chartered private flight

Safety of flying a private jet is ensured through rigorous procedures regulated by both the government and the authoritative party of the aircraft or airliner. Each flight, regardless of the circumstances, follows safety guidelines and regulations prior and after departure. Information regarding safety regulations and their variations between companies are also included in our services.


Legal considerations require most aircraft to have 2 pilots, however, this may depend with each individual aircraft. It is our recommendation that 2 pilots operate the aircraft regardless of the type.


Carrying pets

Flying with pets does not raise issues with our policies, however, it is the owner’s responsibility to provide the necessary documentation for the pet, as imposed by the local governing authorities. As always, do not hesitate to contact us regarding any further request.

On-board caterers

Usually each flight is equipped with a bar and soft drinks. Smaller aircraft tend to have ready-made foods while larger aircraft prepare meals on-board, including hot meals.

Please contact us for any special catering requests.

Amount of luggage allowed

Luggage greatly factors in the overall weight of the aircraft and weight limits depend with each aircraft. Smaller jets usually allow one larger baggage and one cabin luggage, while larger jets may allow as much as 20 suitcases.


Changing the time of departure

Adjusting the departure times should not generally be an issue with private chartered flights as the whole idea is based on our flexibility for your desired flight. We recommend that customers give prior notice to departure-related changes as each change is confirmed with the air traffic controllers.

Adding last-minute passengers

Private jets have no trouble arranging extra passengers as long as the aircraft specifics allow it. However, each last-minute change should be double checked with our staff for the sake of better communication and easier resolving of such issues.


Please contact a B-Jets representative in order to discuss chartering a private helicopter. This service operates on an offline basis only.